2. electricunderwear:

    What a handsome mane

    beary goodness

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  3. thebigbearcave:

    who wants: 1) a cute babyface 2) dreamy sky blue eyes 3) a furry cub chest 4) huge man nipples 5) a now-and-then punky bull that needs riding 6) big fucker built like a lineman 7) a thick round plump rump 8) a nice blond cutie π 9) a sometimes-ornery cub that requires occassional spanking now and then?

    Drive it off the lot for a special price today only!


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  4. westcub86:

    Big sexy ginger rubs one out VIDEO HERE

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  5. gigasunderwear:

    Whoops! Wardrobe malfunction.

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  6. gulobear:


    When bears sleep over on my couch…


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  9. physibear:

    So tell me, is my hair better puffed up or to the side? 

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